Martin Brower: Gold Sponsor Highlight

Our National partners Martin Brower have supported RFSK WA since its inception in 2012.

They have shown generosity in a range of spaces across the house and every contribution has made an immense difference to the lives of RMHC WA families. 

We are so grateful for the long-term support Martin Brower has provided not only financially, but also in-kind with the transportation of rider bikes to the RFSK starting point, snacks, and ongoing stock donations to our Nedlands House Kitchen.

Martin Brower is excited to support as a Gold Sponsor this year, as they know it helps RMHC WA families focus on their children without having to worry about anything else.

General Manager of Martin Brower WA Daniel Hadfield has a few words of wisdom he would like to share.

'Ride like a duck; no movement, keep it all in the legs!'